Ground Handling Supervision

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Shujaa Aviation is the leading ground handling supervision and representation company in Africa especially in East Africa as it actively acts as intermediary between airlines and local ground handling companies in airports in Africa that are not the hubs of the airlines

We choose competent ground handlers from our database for the job at hand and our team of professionals ensures that comprehensive care dedicated to your aircraft before departing and landing in cooperation with the contracted ground handling company.

At each airport, be it a remotely located airport, tour professional staffs will coordinate, organize and act as your representative to ensure on time and well-coordinated turnaround of your flight.


We understand travelling is exhausting and stressful and that is why Shujaa Aviation is focused on turning the experience into a smooth and seamless process that is why we offer premium concierge services such as air ticketing, hotel reservations, VIP and regular airport pick up and arranging tours for your crew and guests.

Through our established concierge managers in different airports around Africa, we can provide you with innovative designed range of concierge services to create a wonderful experience for your guests and crew that they cannot forget the rest of their lives.